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Graduates - Models: Aiden Garcia, Seth Peterson

Description: Hang out with all your favorite helix hotties as they celebrate graduation- cap, gowns- the whole 9! After the ceremony, and a night on the town, Seth Peterson opens his frat brother, Aiden Garcia’s bedroom door to find him and Alex Riley gettin DOWN! Riley bolts, but not before threatening Seth not to tell. More comfortable with the situation, Aiden sticks around to find Seth has the hots for him; so, the pretty pair decide to do something about it! Soon enough, buttons are flying across the room and clothes are dropping to the floor from an impassioned strip down! The gorgeous graduates gobble one another’s engorged groins down, celebrating with a super sexy 69, ass eating/dick sucking combo. Peterson gives Aiden’s ass another lick in doggy before sticking his dick in there and getting down to business. The porn perfect pair kiss, tagging Aiden in for top spot. Garcia bangs the boy out on his back before Peterson bounces his beautiful bubble on Aiden’s uncut cock during a delicious ride. With his ass full to capacity Seth spits white, hot pleasure all over his huge hogged top’s smooth chest. Garcia punishes, pumping his porn star sized piece up into that epic ass till he explodes, covering Seth’s stretched rim with a raunchy good cream pie. Happy graduation boys!

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Reno Gold Beach Video Shoot

Yet another outstanding high quality and beautifully shot video. This young man knows how to entertain his audience. This isn’t just your average video, this pure art. Well done Reno.

Hi Reno! That ocean water must have been cold. Anyway you look great! Do you have a stylist for what you wear or do you choose it yourself? Anyway you look like you could be a model for Prada and/or Dolce and Gabbana! You certainly have "that look" about you. Stay safe and stay happy!

All I can say is pure perfection what I’d give to be on the beach with Reno. He’s always so stunning